Student Interview


"Accelerator Staff Interviews Lyndsay"

Question: Could you introduce yourself for the listeners?

Can you say a little something in Russian? Our Listeners would probably be interested.

Sounds great! What first got you interested in learning Russian?

Did you go through the reading videos from the course, or are you primarily focussed on speaking?

You mentioned that you didn't understand grammar very well or know too many words before starting Accelerator. What do you think of they way grammar is taught in the course?

Of the various strategies used to teach Russian in the course, what do you think of Contextual Learning as a teaching method?

As you know, S.L.T. is another core concept that the course uses with one of the goals being to remove the unnecessary step of having to translate in your head while speaking. Did this work for you? What do you think of S.L.T.?

Is Russian the first foreign language you've tried to learn?

Earlier you introduced yourself in Russian briefly, can you say a little more for us?

What made you decide to give Russian Accelerator a try?

You've gone fairly far into the course, how are you feeling about your ability in Russian at this point?

Speaking is only half the battle when learning a new language. How do you feel about your listening ability in Russian?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Lyndsay! Is there anything you would like to say to the Russian Accelerator staff?