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Watch this video to see why regardless of age, or ability, you can quickly and easily become conversational in Russian.


Here is our offer:

The complete Russian Accelerator online course costs $388 (paid in four monthly installments of $97. However, for $1 you can access Russian Accelerator for 21 days to be certain that you are getting results before making further payments. The $1 trial is a win-win situation, because it keeps those who are less serious from taking up our coaching and support resources, and gives you a chance to try it before fully committing to the program.

Here's what you are getting for $1:

Twenty-one (21) days access to the first three units of the Russian Accelerator Conversational Russian online course. With the current Bundle offer, you also get R.A. Advanced Verbs & Idioms, and R.A. Fast Track To Fluency Courses ($200 value) at no extra cost, if you decide to continue after the trial period.

With the current "On Sale? You Decide!" promotion, if you would instead like a discount of $97 off the main Russian Accelerator Online course, you can choose that option below. Which is the better deal depends on your situation. The main course is massive and comprehensive and will have you speaking intermediate conversational Russian by the time you are done. The other courses were developed for those who finished the main course, but wanted to branch off and continue their studies.

Regardless of which you choose, you are also getting the following BONUSES, which are yours to keep regardless of whether you continue or not. They are our gift to you just for trying it out.

You are getting access to the complete "RUSSIAN ALPHABET MASTERY: MASTER RUSSIAN READING Online Video Course" Simply put, this is the best read and pronounce Russian course that is available anywhere. You will finally learn to read Cyrillic, effortlessly. By the end, you will have read and understood hundreds of actual Russian signs. ($69 value!)


Russian Accelerator: ON THE GO (Vol I) audio files. Load the files onto your mobile device, and you'll be learning Russian on your commute, at the gym, or any time you're not at the computer. Russian Accelerator ON THE GO turns otherwise wasted time throughout the day, into a productive Russian language practice session. ($47 Value)


Russian Accelerator Members Only Podcast Master the course material quickly and efficiently. Immerse yourself in the Russian language, thinking and responding without prompts. Review the course material without needing an internet connection. ($97 Value)

We want to make sure you succeed, so for a limited time, we are also including:

Twenty-one (21) days access to Russian Accelerator's Success Coaching. Build your confidence by getting invaluable feedback from our staff of native speaking Success Coaches. Send questions, send audio files, and get personalized responses to guide your progress!


Here’s how payment is set-up

After the 21 day trial, if you do not cancel you will be billed four (4) monthly payments of $97, for a total of $388 if you choose the bundle option. Billing ends automatically after the 4th payment.

After the 21 day trial, if you do not cancel you will be billed three (3) monthly payments of $97, for a total of $291 if you choose the Main Course $97 Off option. Billing ends automatically after the 3rd payment.

We also send you a reminder email well before the trial period ends so that you can easily let us know if you would like to cancel before any charges take place.

  • To cancel at any time (during or after the trial) simply do any one of the following:
  • * Email to:
  • * Call our toll-free number: 1-877-527-6313
  • * Skype us: Russian Accelerator Cust. Service
  • * Reply to the reminder email when it comes.
  • Here's what you are getting:
  • * Russian Accelerator online course, (all 90 lessons)
  • * Access to "Russian Alphabet Mastery: Master Russian Reading"
  • * All six volumes of the downloadable ON THE GO series.
  • * Members Only Access to the New Russian Accelerator Podcast
  • * Lifetime access to the members area of Russian Accelerator, including the On Location Videos
  • * R. A. Advanced Verbs and Idioms and R.A. Fast Track To Fluency courses if you choose the bundle option
  • * Language Q and A, additional Native Speaker videos, and much more!

* ONE FULL YEAR of access to R.A. Success Coaching



If you are not satisfied with your language ability after completing the program, you can receive a full refund up to one year from the date you joined. No questions, no hassles. If you are not speaking Russian at a level that you judge to be satisfactory, and would like your money back, simply ask. This is an online course, so there is nothing to return. No fine print.

Please note* The $1 trial "On Sale? You Decide!" promotion is a temporary offer, and may be removed at any time.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below for the Three Course Bundle Offer. This gets you the main Russian Accelertor course, R. A. Advanced Verbs and Idioms, and R.A. Fast Track To Fluency courses. Access the "Russian Accelerator Training Portal" right now...


or click the "Add To Cart" button below for the Main Russian Accelerator Course at a $97 discount. If you decide to continue after the trial, this option removes the final payment.


Thank you, and we look forward to working with you on the inside.

Mark Thomson
President - Russian Accelerator

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